Cassandra LaPorte's Online Portfolio

Cassandra LaPorte's Interior Design Portfolio


 It was a great year with Capital Pixel! We worked on so many exciting projects, here are just a few of the fantastic renderings and designs from 2013. 

The Montrose (Video)

 Edmonds School

Urban Turf articles I was a part of with Capital Pixel:

Best 15-Year Vision: Georgetown 2028 

 A re-imaginged 1908 Chevy Chase Bunglaow

Mount Pleasant Rowhouse



Design Philospohy:

Interior design is a field that is constantly evolving to incorporate new and exciting ideas. Designers can find inspiration from anything, but generally follow the trends in fashion and architecture. It is most important to not only listen, but to see. This doesn’t mean looking at one thing and appreciating it, it means looking at what makes something original, beautiful, appealing, and unique and applying it to design. What makes a design ‘good’ can be interpreted in so many ways by every different viewer of a space. It is important to be open, and to tailor design work to different needs of different people, while still giving a building or a room the drama and beauty it deserves. The last, but one of the most important concepts in design is that this field is advancing in so many ways. There are so many products that can be repurposed or reused in ways that are often more creative and exciting than just buying a premade piece from a store. Staying up to date with current trends, updated codes, and green products are some of the things that will set one designer apart from the others.


Please check out the photos of my work. I have just re-designed the layout of this site, and will be adding more work very soon! Feel free to become a member of this site and leave feedback!